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Stardew Valley: How to Get Hardwood

Get yourself a hefty supply of Hardwood in Stardew Valley!
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Stardew Valley features a ton of different supplies and resources that you’ll need in order to craft things within the game. Not to mention they’re how you can make some extra coins. You’ll find an abundance of wood wherever you chop, but what about that red wood known as Hardwood? What gives with that? It seems you’ll need a small amount of them for crafting certain things, so it must not be very common.

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How to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

You’re right in those assumptions. In order to get Hardwood, you need to chop up those fallen tree logs, giant stumps or the large Mahogany Trees.

The best place to find these is the Secret Woods in the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest. Six of the large stumps spawn here every day, even if they’re cut down the day before, meaning you’ve got a never-ending supply of Hardwood in Stardew Valley.

To reach here, though, you’ll need to cut through the log lying in the way just above the Wizard’s Tower, shown in the image below, which requires you to have a Steel Axe to cut through.

entrance to the secret woods in cindersap forest in stardew valley

Another great place to find stumps is in your farm land and in the forest south of Marnie’s Farm. Those in particularly will keep respawning and you’ll get two Hardwood for each you chop up. Keep in mind, though, any stumps on your farm won’t respawn once you’ve cut them down.

a mahogany stump that drops hardwood in stardew valley

Don’t be so hasty in setting out to do this, though. In order to do any damage to them, you’ll need to upgrade to a Copper Axe (or better) from the Blacksmith.

How to Get a Copper Axe in Stardew Valley

That’s right, it’s time for an upgrade if you find that regular ol’ wood just isn’t cutting it. Head over to the Blacksmith as soon as you have 5 Copper Bars and 2,000 coins and you’ll be able to get yourself a Copper Axe in a couple of days. Get to chopping.

Keep in mind this will only damage the regular trees and big stumps. The logs require a Steel Axe or better.

What Hardwood Is Used for in Stardew Valley

Hardwood is required to build the Farmhouse Upgrade 2, which requires 250 Hardwood, and the Stable, which requires 100 Hardwood.

In addition to this, you’ll also need it in order to craft a number of useful items like Warp Totems which teleport you to different areas of the map, like the Desert, Farm, Beach, Island and Mountains.

Hardwood is also required for other things like the Oil Maker, Heavy Tapper, Cheese Press and other handy upgrades you’ll want to make around your Farm, so it’s well worth keeping a healthy supply of the stuff at all times.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our guides on where to find Linus’ basket, where the Flower Dance is, and more in the links below.

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