Spiritfarer, How to Upgrade Windmill

Spiritfarer: How to Upgrade Windmill

Spiritfarer has a wide array of facilities you can add to your ship, and most all of them can also be upgraded with the right blueprints. Tracking down these Blueprints is easier said than done though, which is why we’re here to walk you through how to upgrade the Windmill in Spiritfarer.

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How to Upgrade the Windmill in Spiritfarer

As mentioned above, you’ll need the corresponding blueprint to upgrade your Windmill in Spiritfarer. Fortunately, tracking it down isn’t too hard to do.

After building a Windmill on your ship, head back to Alt Harbor, the island you met Gwen on. It’ll be to the East of Albert’s Shipyard at the coordinates 40 x, 40y. Once there, speak to the first resident you meet there after disembarking. He’ll then give you the Hummingberg Preservation Society questline, which you’ll need to complete to get the Windmill upgrade blueprint.

It should be noted that to complete this quest, you’ll need to have played through a large majority of the game. If you find that you’re missing facilities or recipes tied to completing this quest, consider putting it off for a bit so that you can play through more of the game.

How to Complete the Hummingberg Preservation Society Questline

As for what you need to do to complete the Hummingberg Preservation Society questline in Spiritfarer, it varies based on which step you’re on.

To start, you’ll need to fish crates out of the water in the same area where you speak to the quest-giver. This is easy enough to do: Just jump down into the water, swim over to the floating crates and press the Square Button on PlayStation 4, X Button on Xbox One or Y Button on the Nintendo Switch to break the crates down.

Next, go back to the quest-giver and he’ll assign you a new task: Bring him 15 Silk Thread and 5 Household Glue. The Silk Thread can be obtained by harvesting Silk from Mulberry Trees planted in your ship’s Orchard and then turning said Silk into thread via the Loom.

Household Glue, meanwhile, is made by burning Old Shoes in your Smelter, which will become available as an option after you progress Stanley the Spirit’s quest line to a certain point.

Once you have the necessary materials, return to the quest-giver. He’ll then inform you that you’ve done all they needed you to do, and will reward you with the Windmill Upgrade blueprint.

What the Windmill Upgrade Does in Spiritfarer

As for whether the Windmill upgrade in Spiritfarer is actually worth all this trouble, the answer is yes.

Like with other facility upgrades in the game, the Windmill upgrade will increase the building’s resource production –which in this case would be different types of flour– by a noticeable amount. This in turn will allow you to cook more foods which require flours, helping you to fill your recipe list, obtain certain spirits’ favorite foods and so on.

Hopefully this cleared up how to upgrade the Windmill in Spiritfarer. For more on the game, check out our guides on other hot topics like how to use the Windmill and how to get Comet Rocks.

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