How to Unlock Cyberspace Levels in Sonic Frontiers

Cyberspace levels are the more traditional Sonic stages found in Frontiers. Here's a step by step guide on how to access them.

From the earliest portions of Sonic Frontiers, the player will be progressing through new open world style areas in addition to cyberspace levels, which serve as the more traditional Sonic stage experience. If you’re looking for clarification on how to unlock access to cyberspace levels in Sonic Frontiers, we have you covered.

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Unlocking Cyberspace Levels in Sonic Frontiers

After finishing the initial cyberspace stage at the start of the game, the player will be tasked with spending collectibles earned in the open world in order to unlock access to the ones that follow. The collectible is called a Portal Gear, and it can be earned by defeating Guardians scattered throughout each open world segment.

  1. Locate a Guardian

    First, the player needs to find a Guardian enemy. Many of them can be easily spotted given their size in the overworld, but a surefire way to find one is to visit a Guardian icon the map. When in doubt, look for two crossed red swords (visible towards the bottom right of the below screenshot).A screenshot of the map in Sonic Frontiers

  2. Grab the Portal Gear

    Once Sonic triumphs over the Guardian, they will drop at least one Portal Gear. These are vital to progression in Sonic Frontiers, so be sure to take note of the large aura around each one and run into it to pick it up.Sonic looks at a Portal Gear in Sonic Frontiers

  3. Take it to a Portal

    Once the player has enough Portal Gears, they’re then able to take them to an inactive portal that resembles a large stone throne. It’s important to note that the gear costs can vary—some will require a single gear while others may require two, for instance.An inactive cyberspace portal in Sonic Frontiers.

A short cutscene will play out showing Sonic giving up the Portal Gears and then the cyberspace level will be permanently available to the player. Portal Gears can also drop from regular enemies, but Guardians are guaranteed to leave them behind.

Hopefully this guide clarified the process of unlocking cyberspace levels in Sonic Frontiers. If you’d like to also learn how cyberspace levels tie into the overall gameplay loop, you should take a gander at our guide on earning chaos emeralds. Additionally, you can peruse our rundown of the differences between Frontiers’ High Speed Style and Action Style.

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