Should You Free Penny or Not in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Penny, tell me what you want-- what you really, really want.

Hogwarts Legacy
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The Wizard World has expanded significantly with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, introducing new characters and scenarios to the world that began with the Harry Potter series. One of these new characters is Penny the House Elf, who players will encounter and have the option of freeing her. The question is, should you free Penny or not in Hogwarts Legacy?

Where to Find Penny in Hogwarts Legacy

Go to the Southern side of Hogsmeade and locate the vacant shop in Hogsmeade towards the East. Outside of the shop, you will find Penny sweeping the floor. Speaking to her will give you to opportunity to take on the PlayStation-exclusive Minding Your Own Business Side Quest. After you complete the excursion, Penny will let you know that she intends on staying to manage your new shop for you. At this point, you will have the option of freeing her or not.

What Happens If You Do Not Free Penny in Hogwarts Legacy

If you accept her offer, Penny will stay bound to her servitude, and she will do as promised. Penny will stay and run your new shop for you. The side quest will be officially completed, rewarding you with the Hogsmeade Shop, Shopkeeper’s Cosmetic Set, and Felix Felicis Potion Recipe. You will be able to visit the shop and sell your unwanted items to her.

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If You Choose to Free Penny in Hogwarts Legacy

If you opt to free Penny, the player character will give her a hat, and she will be very grateful and thank the player, but she will stay and maintain the shop regardless. Despite the player character reminding her that she could do whatever she would like now that she is free, she will insist that running a shop in Hogsmeade is what she has always wanted.

The results are mostly identical: the side quest will be completed, you will receive the Hogsmeade Shop, Shopkeeper’s Cosmetic Set, and Felix Felicis Potion Recipe. The only real difference is that Penny will be wearing the hat every time you see her.

Whether you make the decision to free her or not is entirely up to you, as it largely does not have any effect on the end result of the game. Many players, however, like to select options that would feel most true to their character, whether they take greater pleasure in choose the most moral options or the contrary. The choice is yours! Ultimately, only you can decide if you should free Penny or not in Hogwarts Legacy.

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