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Shenmue 3: Where to Buy Steamed Buns and Wine

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Shenmue 3: Where to Buy Steamed Buns and Wine

Shenmue 3, like previous games, has a lot of wandering around, talking to various villagers, finding items, etc. During the story you’ll need to buy some steamed buns and wine, in order to lure out a man named Sun at the abandoned temple. With that, here’s where to buy steamed buns and wine in Shenmue 3.

Where to Buy Steamed Buns and Wine in Shenmue 3

As you progress through the story, at some point, Grandmaster Fang will task you with talking to Sun, in order to learn more about the Verdant Bridge.

But before you do that, you need to buy steamed buns and wine to lure him out. Luckily these are easy to come by.

All you need to do is head to the Panda Market, which you can get to by taking the path that runs alongside the bell tower.

For the steamed buns look at the shops that form a circle in the market, then go to the one that has a bunch of food with steam coming off of it. Talk to the little girl there to buy steamed buns, and get at least two.

Now turn directly around and go into the shop Kong Mei Goods. Talk to the shopkeepers then buy both the 5-Year -Old Lao Jiu and 5-Year-Old Plum Liqeur.

Now head through the sunflower patch and to the abandoned temple. There are two questions you can ask Sun, one about the Verdant Bridge and one about Ryo’s father. This is why you need two of each item, as you have to give him one of each for each question.

Now you’re free to carry on with the story.

To sum up how to get steamed buns and wine in Shenmue 3.

  1. Head to the Panda Market, past the belltower.

  2. Look for the stall that has steaming food in the circle of stalls, and talk to the girl there to buy steamed buns.

  3. Turn around and go to Kong Mei Goods for the wine.

If you need any other help or tips, be sure to check out our Shenmue 3 guide wiki.

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