RimWorld: What to Do with Dead Bodies and How to Get Rid of Corpses

RimWorld is a survival game starring you, a crash landing survivor trying to keep your fellow crash-mates alive in a strange new world. Not everyone is going to make it though, and soon you’ll have to start dealing with corpses. Your colonists don’t like seeing dead bodies, and too many may just drive them mad. Here’s how to get rid of all those dead people so that you can go back to crafting and farming in peace.

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There’s multiple ways to rid yourself of corpses. The most traditional way is to create graves and place bodies in there. This isn’t the most efficient method, as graves take up space and not everyone wants a sprawling graveyard in their town.

The most ideal method is to research and build a crematorium, where you will burn the corpses. This isn’t an option early on though, so a decent alternative is to set up a walled waste-zone or a waste-zone far away from your people. You can hide the bodies in there. This will still cause a body build up after a while, so you’ll ocassionally have to clear them. Equip a soldier with frag grenades and set them to attack the dumping area for a quick and easy clear. You can also use molotov cocktails, though the resulting fire can be dangerous. Blasting charges are viable as well, though you’ll need two to get rid of a body.

Keep in mind that your RimWorld colonists won’t be too happy if you just dump a dead colonist’s body. They’d prefer a more proper burial or cremation for their comrade.

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