Resident Evil 7: Should You Cure Zoe or Mia? Here’s What Happens

You can only pick one.

Should You Cure Zoe or Mia in Resident Evil 7? Here’s What Happens

After defeating Jack for the last time in the boat house, you’ll have a tough decision to make. With only one serum syringe left, you can choose to cure either Zoe or Mia. Saving one will leave the other person to their horrible infected fate, and they will understandably get very upset with you. Here’s who you should choose between Zoe and Mia and what happens when you do in Resident Evil 7.

Warning, spoilers ahead! There’s no avoiding this.

Whoever you end up saving, the rest of the game will play out in largely the same way, with Ethan getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the Bakers. However, the ending cutscenes are rather different from each other.

To get the good ending, you’ll want to cure Mia. By saving her, the two will leave on the boat. You’ll take control of Mia during the ship stage, and when Ethan is hauled out of Eveline’s cocoon, Mia will hand him the tissue sample and ask him to go on ahead to kill her. During the ending cutscene, you’ll see that Mia was saved as well, and both Ethan and Mia will depart on the Umbrella chopper.

If you cure Zoe, you’ll get the bad ending. Almost immediately after saving Zoe, the game reveals that Zoe still had traces of the virus within her, and Eveline’s control over her kills the poor girl. You’ll still play through the ship stage as Mia, but when Ethan is freed from Eveline’s control, he’ll have to kill Mia again. For good, this time.

In the ending cutscene, Ethan is alone on the Umbrella chopper. He watches the first video Mia sent him on her fancy iPhone, says goodbye to her, and throws the phone out of the chopper. His closing comments also suggest that he regrets not saving Mia when he had the chance.

That’s all there is to those two different endings! For more tips, tricks, and guides for Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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