Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways Wall Shield Puzzle Solution

Shoot them in the right order.

It’s pretty typical of Resident Evil games to feature a number of cryptic puzzles that require you to collect certain items or interact with various objects in very specific ways, and the Separate Ways DLC for RE4 Remake is no different. If you’re stuck on the shield puzzle in Separate Ways, we’re here to help you out.

How to Solve the Wall Shield Puzzle in RE4 Remake Separate Ways

In chapter 4 of Separate Ways, Luis will task you with retrieving three ingredients to help him engineer a vaccine to save Leon and Ashley. As you get to your first ingredient in the Bindery, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a puzzle to be solved here before you can progress any further.

The note you find in the Bindery shows off five different shields on a wall, and hints that you should “get shooting” if you want to get the ink.

separate ways shield puzzle
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

First off, after reading the note, turn around and look at the fireplace in the Bindery. To the left of the fireplace, you’ll see five shields hanging on the wall. These are the shields in question that were referenced in the note.

To solve the puzzle, shoot the bottom left shield, then shoot the top right shield, then shoot the bottom right shield.

separate ways shield puzzle solution
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

This will trigger a drawer behind you to unlock, unveiling the Red Ink you need to get for Luis. Doing so also takes you to the next story cutscene and progresses the game.

And that’s how to solve the wall shield puzzle in RE4 Remake: Separate Ways. If there’s anything else giving you trouble, be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including a full breakdown of all the new CP challenges included in the DLC.

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