Red Dead Redemption 2 Controls Guide: How to Sprint, Jump, Crouch & More

We've assembled a handy controls guide for Red Dead Redemption 2, letting you know how to jump, crouch, talk to NPCs and much more.

John Marston in Red Dead Redemption
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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the follow-up to Rockstar’s massively popular western game, widely considered one of the best open world games of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a prequel, though, following the exploits of an outlaw named Arthur Morgan, a member of the same Van Der Linde Gang that John Marston was a part of. With so much time between the first game and Red Dead Redemption 2, there are quite a few gameplay elements that have changed or been updated. That’s why we have a handy Red Dead Redemption 2 controls guide, to help get you up to speed on everything you need to know while journeying around the Old West.

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How to Sprint, Jump, Crouch & More in Red Dead Redemption 2

How to Sprint

Sprinting is the number one thing you’ll need to know how to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, if you want to get anywhere quickly. Just like it works in the Grand Theft Auto games, to sprint simply tap X (or A) to run faster. If you rapidly tap the button and then hold it, Morgan will cycle quickly to top speed, although this will drain your stamina or that of your horse, if you’re riding it.

To regain your stamina, you can use provisions that you purchase or scavenge. To access your provisions, press options/menu. Then press R1/RB to tab over to provisions, and from there you can see all of the items you have on you. You’ll want to look for anything that regains your stamina, and/or your stamina core. When your stamina core is out, you’ll regain lost stamina much more slowly, and actions such as pulling the draw string on your bow and arrow will die out much faster.

How to Jump

Jumping is also important, of course, if you want to properly explore. Just hit the square button to jump. Some obstacles can only be cleared by jumping. Keep in mind, while you can hop over some things with your horse in a similar fashion, it doesn’t have the balance that you do. Your horse can fall and get damaged from drops that you would just be able to brush off. Damaging your horse ruins your bond, so be careful about that. And, of course, don’t jump down from too high a place, otherwise you will take damage and potentially die.

How to Crouch

Crouching is simple, just click the left thumbstick (L3) and Morgan will go prone. This is particularly useful for sneaking around and trying to engage enemies without them knowing. When you get close enough to them, you can also perform a stealth take down if you’re crouched and they haven’t noticed you.

It’s also essential for hunting. Running up to a passive animal, like a deer, will certainly cause it to run away. It’s much more difficult to kill them with a silent weapon like a bow and arrow, when they are startled, and shooting them will lower the quality of the meat, and scare away other nearby animals.

So if you’re hunting, always make sure to be crouched once the animal is in your view.

How to Talk to NPCs

Talking to NPCs works a little different in Red Dead Redemption 2 than you might expect. First things first, you’ll need to make sure your gun is holstered. After all no one really wants a gun pointed at them while they’re talking to you, right? Press L1 if your gun is out, to holster your gun.

After that hold L2 to focus on the NPC, and then you’ll have a number of options. Sometimes you can greet them or diffuse a situation by pressing square (PS4) X (Xbox One), you’ll be able to intervene in a fight or antagonize an NPC by pressing circle/B, sometimes you’ll be able to rob them by pressing triangle/Y, and finally you’ll be able to accept or decline quests by pressing square or circle/B. Your options when talking to an NPC depends on the situation, so they won’t always be the same.

How to Wait and Pass Time

Like many other open world games, there are times in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you might need/want to wait and pass the time of day. The easiest way to do this is to find a bed to sleep in, whether that’s at your camp or somewhere else. You’ll be able to wait until morning, noon, or night. This also performs an autosave for you, which is quite handy.

Alternatively, you can go to the entrance of a closed store and try to go in. If you’re not able you’ll be able to choose wait, which will have Morgan wait outside until it opens. This is good if you’re out in the wilderness and by the time you arrive back to town, it’s the middle of the night and nothing exciting is going on.

How to Get Into Cover

Anytime guns are involved you’ll want to know how to take cover, to keep yourself from getting blown away. This mechanic functions as you might expect, so just hit R1/RB to go into cover, where you can blind fire or pop out and aim. You can do a running spring into cover by getting a little momentum going and pressing R1/RB when you’re near cover.

It will quickly stick you to the near point you can take cover behind. You can vault over your cover by pressing square/X, or just simply move away from it. Moving the left analog stick will allow you to peek out of cover. Finally, you can use the left and right d-pad buttons to switch the shoulder you’re aiming from.

That does it for our controls guide and everything you need to know about how to sprint, jump, and more in Red Dead Redemption 2. For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki. You can also leave a comment down below with any specific questions, and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

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