Pokemon Unite: What is Holowear & How to Get It

pokemon unite holowear

Pokemon Unite has arrived and players are able to jump into this unique and very competitive spin-off game. There are lots of different ways for you to reap rewards and bonuses in-game through playing matches and using currency. One collectible that is popular despite not doing much in battle is Holowear. In this guide, we’ll explain what Holowear is in Pokemon Unite and how to get some for yourself.

Holowear in Pokemon Unite

Holowear in Pokemon Unite refers to special wearable costumes for certain Pokemon. It’s entirely cosmetic with no battle effects. So don’t go slapping any on expecting to get any kind of edge.

What Holowear does do, however, is make the Pokemon look different and sometimes even give them unique animations.

Holowear can be purchased in the shop using in-game currency. In addition, some Holowear can also be unlocked through the Battle Pass as well.

For example, the Venusaur Holowear is a gift reward that can be redeemed for free after downloading the game. Pikachu and Cinderace Holowear are unlocked as Battle Pass rewards. The others need to be purchased in the shop using the in-game currency. Holowear only shows up on the Pokemon’s final stage evolution, unless it is Premium Holowear.

In other words, there are lots of different ways to get Holowear in Pokemon Unite. You’ll need to dig around all of the game’s various menus, shops, and special offers in order to see which ones come from what. If Pokemon Unite continues to be popular, it’s reasonable to expect that more Holowear could be added later on down the road.

That’s all you need to know about Holowear in Pokemon Unite. Be sure to check our latest Pokemon Unite content for more tips, tricks and FAQs answered. Happy hunting and grinding for cool Holowear to dress up your favorite Pokemon with.

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