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Pokemon Gyms – Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon Gyms have been a huge staple of the series, and collecting all eight badges one of your main objectives. Well, things have changed a little bit for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as Gyms have been replaced with something called Trials.

Trials function similarly to Gyms, but flesh out the experience a little more and add on some extra steps. There are four trials, one for each of the four islands in Alola, as well as some additional ones. To undertake a trial, you’ll first need to meet the Trial Captain for each island and defeat them in battle. This will pretty much happen as you continue along the story. The Trial Captain will then send you out on the Island Challenge Trials, where you’ll have to complete various objectives like finding items or answering knowledge questions.

After the Challenge Trials, you’ll face off against a Totem in battle. These are giant versions of Pokemon that have increased abilities and stats. They can also call in smaller ones to help in battle. Then, finally after beating the Totem, you’ll be ready to take on the Grand Trial.

This merely entails you taking on the Kahuna of each island, essentially the Gym Leader. For your victory, you’ll be granted powerful Z-Crystals that will allow you to do Z-Moves, and other items.

The Pokemon Gym experience has clearly been switched up a little bit in Sun and Moon, but it’s all to fit the style of the game, and hopefully flesh things out a little better. Overcome each of the Trials and you’ll be on your way to becoming the Alolan Champion.

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