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Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Poke Balls and How to Get Them


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Poke Balls and How to Get Them

Poke Balls – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Like in all previous Pokemon games, Sun and Moon’s monsters can’t all be captured with the basic Poke Ball. While those will help you catch plenty of Pokemon early on while you’re exploring the Alola Region, there will be tougher creatures ahead of you in your adventure. Also, you’ll want some of the special effects that certain Poke Balls can provide, so it’s good to collect them all when you can.

Love Ball – Given to you by Samual Oak when you show him a Persian in the Malie Library (located on Ula’ula Island). Used to easily catch Pokemon that match yours but are the opposite gender.

Friend Ball – Also given to you by Samual Oak on Ula’ula Island. Find him near the Recycling Plant. Helps you bond much more quickly with the caught monster, but is just as effective as a standard Poke Ball.

Moon Ball – You guessed it, given by Samual Oak on Ula’ula Island, this time on Mount Hokulani. A better option to catch those monsters that require Moon Stones to evolve.

Level Ball – You’ll find this one on Mount Hokulani on Ula’ula Island.

Fast Ball – You can find this on this one on the Road to Observatory on Ula’ula Island. It helps you catch creatures that like to use Run Away or Legendaries that are very elusive.

Heavy Ball – As the name implies, it’s a great option to use against heavier Pokemon. It’s also found in the Road to Observatory area of Ula’ula Island.

Lure Ball – You’ll find the Lure Ball near the Geothermal Power Plant on Ula’ula Island. Used to catch Water Pokemon while fishing.

We’ll be sure to update the list as we locate more of these useful Poke Balls, so keep it locked to Twinfinite. Also, if you need any other help with Pokemon Sun and Moon, make sure to check out our Wiki.

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