Pokemon GO: How to Get Pinap Berries & What They Do

Pinap Berry – Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s big Gen 2 update has arrived, and it did much more than just add new Pokemon to the mix. Among changes to UI, catching, and abilities, there are also two new berries to find and use, one of which is the Pinap Berry. This yellow fruit unsurprisingly resembles a pineapple and can be pretty useful, so here’s how to get Pinap Berries, and exactly what they do.


How to Get Pinap Berries – Pokemon GO

Like Razz Berries, you can get these at Poke Stops around the world. Simply get near a Poke Stop, spin the icon, and collect the rewards it spits out. Typically, these rewards include Poke Balls, Eggs, and if you’re lucky, a Pinap Berry.


What Do Pinap Berries Do? – Pokemon GO

This item is a boon to any player who loves candy. When used, it will double the amount of candy you’ll receive if your next catch attempt succeeds. It may not help you catch a Pokemon, but it will definitely be useful in strengthening up and evolving your Pokemon faster.


That’s all there is to know about this new berry. For more Pokemon GO tips, tricks, and guides, be sure check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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