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Pokemon Go: Every September Ultra Bonus Unlock

Pokemon Go, Ultra

Pokemon Go: Every September Ultra Bonus Unlock

Since everyone was a good trainer and we all finished our Summer Research Tasks, Niantic announced handfuls of Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses that will unlock starting this September.

Every September Ultra Bonus Unlock in Pokemon Go

Certain legendary Pokemon will return to raids, we’re getting new shiny forms, and creatures found in the Unova region will begin to appear. These are just a few of the bonuses you can expect to see next month.

Even if you’re a new or returning trainer, this is a great time to get out and catch some of the new Pokemon. The bonuses will help new and experienced players equally but are quite fleeting.

Each set of Ultra Bonuses is only set to last for about one week at a time. You will need to work fast if you want to take full advantage of every bonus that you’ll get during this event.

Now it’s time to get into the good stuff. Here are all the details about the Ultra Bonuses and when you can expect them to unlock this September.

September 2019 Ultra Bonus Unlocks in Pokemon Go

  1. Week 1: Sept. 2 – Sept. 9

    >Unowns U, L, T, R, and A will appear in 10km eggs
    >Legendary Beasts (Suicune, Entei, Raikou) will appear in raids
    >Shiny Sentret and Gligar Catchable
    >2x Incubator effectiveness

  2. Week 2: Sept. 9 – Sept. 16

    >Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Tauros, and Mr. Mime hatchable from 7km eggs with shinies possible
    >All Deoxys forms in raids
    >Psychic-type counters will appear in low-level raids
    >2x Incubator effectiveness

  3. Week 3: Sept. 16 – Sept. 23

    >Mewtwo with Psystrike will appear in raids
    >Shiny Mewtwo catchable in raids
    >Klink, Patrat, and Lillipup shiny forms will be catchable
    >2x Incubator effectiveness

That’s all there is to know about the September Ultra Bonuses in Pokemon Go. If you want to know how to finally get your hands on the Wish Pokemon, check out our Jirachi guide.

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