How to Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO (April 2023)

Arlo is a strategic expert!

arlo in pokemon go

Once you collect enough Mysterious Components to build the Rocket Radar you’ll be able to track down Team Go Rocket Leaders. They’re tough, but this guide will help you learn how to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go.

How to Beat Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon Go

First, we need to look at what ‘mons Arlo has in his team. The first one is always the same, but opponents two and three can vary considerably. Here are all of Arlo’s possible Pokemon:

  • Pokemon 1
    • Teddiursa (Normal)
  • Pokemon 2
    • Hypno (Psychic)
    • Blaziken (Fire/Fighting)
    • Golurk (Ground/Ghost)
  • Pokemon 3
    • Scizor (Bug/Steel)
    • Banette (Ghost)
    • Luxray (Electric)

Arlo Battle 1

Teddiursa isn’t much to worry about unless it gets its charge move Play Rough. Fighting-type Pokemon are your best bet here, but Play Rough will do a ton of damage. Shield Teddiursa’s first charge attack to be safe, then KO this cute and cuddly bear.

Best Picks: Mega Blaziken, Machamp, Lucario, Mega Alakazam, Breloom

Arlo Battle 2

Just like Teddiursa before it, Hypno is a pretty basic mono-type Pokemon. Ghost-type Pokemon are the safest and most powerful option here, but Dark-types are also a solid choice. Just make sure to use a shield so you don’t get KO’d by a potential Focus Blast from Hypno.

Best Picks: Mega Gengar, Mega Absol, Mega Banette, Mega Houndoom, Darkrai

Water, Flying, Rock, and Ground attackers are solid here, but Psychic megas are just next-level powerful. If you don’t have one of the Psychic-type mega Pokemon here, then something more common like Blastoise, Swampert, or Kyogre will get the job done.

Best Picks: Mega Alakazam, Mega Gallade, Primal Groudon, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Latios

Golurk looks really cool and has an uncommon typing of Ground/Ghost. Unfortunately, that typing makes it weak to the extremely common and strong Grass and Water Pokemon that have been in the game in launch. Megas just make this battle a joke.

Best Picks: Primal Kyogre, Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert, Primal Groudon, Mega Gyarados

Arlo Battle 3

Yet another Ghost-type has found its way onto Arlo’s team. Either send out even stronger ghosts, or a Dark-type Pokemon to even the odds. Just look out for Shadow Ball if you’re using a Ghost-type here since it’ll probably be a one-hit KO.

Best Picks: Mega Absol, Mega Gengar, Mega Gyarados, Darkrai, Mega Banette

As intimidating as a super-powered Scizor can be, having a solid Fire-type counter makes this final battle a cakewalk. Don’t even consider anything other than your best Fire-type Pokemon to finish off Arlo.

Best Picks: Heatran, Ho-Oh, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Blaziken, Reshiram

Out of nowhere, an Electric-type Pokemon appears! Thanks to five different types of charge attacks and Hidden Power as a fast attack, Luxray is a tough opponent to play for. However, using Ground-type Pokemon is still the best way to end this fight with Arlo.

Best Picks: Primal Groudon (and regular), Therian Forme Landorus, Regigigas, Mega Swampert, Excadrill

Best Pokemon Team to Beat Arlo

This trainer has a decent mix of Pokemon and a tricky Luxray to top things off. However, Arlo is still very beatable with the right team.

Our ideal team for beating Arlo is:

  1. Mega Blaziken (Counter | Blast Burn)
  2. Groudon (Mud Shot | Precipice Blades)
  3. Darkrai (Snarl | Dark Pulse)

Secondary Team:

  1. Breloom (Counter | Grass Knot)
  2. Mega Gyarados (Bite | Aqua Tail)
  3. Heatran (Fire Spin | Flamethrower)

That’s all there is to know about how to beat Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo in Pokemon Go. Now it’s time to take on Cliff and Sierra so you can face Giovanni.

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