Persona 5: How to Read Your Books


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Reading your books has always been a popular part of Persona games, but you are only allowed to read in certain locations in the game world of Persona 5.

Your books might be kept at your house, but you won’t be able to read them there. You can study for exams downstairs but it is unfortunately not one of the places you can actually read the books you buy at.

The two main places are on the train and in the library. You can read your own books on the train when the game allows you to do so. Alternatively, you can go to the library and the game will ask you to choose which book you would like to read.

You can also read in class, but only once you have unlocked the Temperance Confidant. The Confidant is unlocked on May 24 when Yuuki finds a flier about a maid. The protagonist’s teacher will begin to be nicer, after originally thinking you were a problem student. This confidant allows you to read in class from the first rank.

That is where you can read books in Persona 5, and how you can unlock the ability to read in class. For more on Persona 5, you should check out our wiki guide.

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