Persona 5: How to Fish

How to Fish in Persona 5

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Persona 5 is absolutely filled with minigames and side activities to partake in, while you go through daily life in Tokyo. Fishing returns yet again to the series, although this time around you’ll need to meet a small requirement in order to do so. Here’s how to fish.

You’ll need to unlock the fishing minigame before you can actually do it, and there’s two ways to do that. One is to read the book called “Fishpond Spotter” in-game, which will unlock an area on the map for you to catch fish. Alternatively, Ryuji will invite you to go fishing at some point in the story, which will also unlock the area. Once you’ve unlocked it fishing is a relatively simple task. Simply cast your line and wait until you have a bite, then hit the circle button. A gauge will appear on screen and you’ll want to keep the lure in the red zone by hitting circle, until you’ve reeled the fish in.

There’s also a trophy linked to the fishing minigame called “Guardian of the Pond.” This requires you to catch a legendary fish, which takes some time and patience to get to. Basically, you’ll need to fish enough to significantly improve your skills and gain enough points to buy the bait called Top Class Boilie. Once you’ve done this you need to catch six fish in one sitting to make the Guardian appear, which will be a slender golden fish. Catching it will be the ultimate fishing challenge, so take your time and be patient.

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