Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Priestess Confidant (Makoto Niijima)

How to Get and Max Out the Priestess Confidant (Makoto Niijima) in Persona 5

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Makoto Niijima is the Shujin Academy student council president in Persona 5. Your first few run-ins with her aren’t exactly the most fun as she’s busy trying to investigate the Phantom Thieves of Hearts under the principal’s orders. It turns out that she’s just between a rock and a hard place and not such a bad person. You can unlock her as the Priestess Confidant, though you need quite a bit of Knowledge.

Her abilities aren’t the greatest, but maxing out her ranks unlocks the Anat Persona, which is the highest Priestess Arcana Persona you can fuse. Also, Shadow Factorization lets you see whether or not an enemy is immune to an attack you have set up.

Rank 1 : 6/24, Need Knowledge Rank 3 (Scholarly), Unlocks Shadow Calculus

There are no Confidant answers for this rank, just talk to her by the Student Council Office.

Rank 2: Unlocks Baton Pass

Answer 1 – “You’re very well informed.”

Answer 2 – “That was dangerous.”

Rank 3:  Unlocks Brainiac Talk

Answer 1 – “You have the wrong idea.”

Answer 2 – “You can change.”

Rank 4: Unlocks Follow Up

Answer 1 – “That’s unlike you.”

Answer 3 – “Why do you use it?”

Answer 4 – “That’s an amazing goal.”

Rank 5:

Answer 1 – “He sounds suspicious.”

Answer 2 – “I got this.”

Rank 6: Requires Charm Rank 5, Unlocks Harisen Recovery

Answer 1 – “Love comes in many forms.”

Rank 7: Unlocks Shadow Factorization

Answer 4 – “That’s a horrible story” or “He was a noble man”

Rank 8: Unlocks Endure

Answer 2 – “Absolutely”

Rank 9: Unlocks Protect, Chance for romance

Answer 3 – “That was the right move.”

Answer 4 – “I’m a regular here” or “It’s a popular meeting spot”

Answer 5 for friendhsip – “You’ll find someone someday.”

Answer 5 for romance – “I’ll be your study partner.”

If you choose romance you will get another dialogue option that can reverse the romance or keep it going.

Answer 6 – “I do.” (to keep the romance), “That’s not what I meant.” (to revert to friendship)

Rank 10: Unlocks Second Awakening

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