Persona 5: Crab Question’s Answer

The Answer to the Crab Question in Persona 5

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Saving the Tokyo from corrupt, power, and evil people can be a tiring job unto itself in Persona 5, but even the player has to attend school and answer questions. These are done in the form of either exams or being called on by a teacher in the middle of class, all of which are multiple choice questions. One of these will ask the player about a certain type of crab, to which you will want to pick “Hermit Crab” as your answer. You will not see this actual question on an exam, as it’s only going to just be from your teacher. This question is not asked on a random date either, as the player will only be asked on 6/7.

Being correct will net you some knowledge, which is a stat that will help your progress relationships and have access to specific NPCs throughout the game. This will also improve (if only a little) your social standing amongst your peers which is important since they are all terrified of you due to your criminal record. Who knew that you’d need to have knowledge about crabs in a game about killer spirits and invading people’s minds?

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