Persona 5: All Crossword Minigame Answers

Persona 5 is out now and as was the case with other Persona games, there is plenty for you to do in your free time that improves your character’s abilities. On top of answering questions correctly at school and studying, you can improve your knowledge by completing crossword puzzles.

To access the minigame, you need to go to the tea ceremony net on one of the specific in-game dates. These dates are:

  • 4/18, 4/27
  • 5/2, 5/10, 5/18, 5/26, 5/31
  • 6/3, 6/7, 6/16, 6/22, 6/30
  • 7/7, 7/12, 7/19, 7/27
  • 8/8, 8/17, 8/25, 8/30
  • 9/2, 9/19, 9/28
  • 10/10, 10/31
  • 11/4, 11/9, 11/15, 11/24, 11/28
  • 12/2, 12/7, 12/12, 12/19

When you visit the location on one of those days, you will have to give 15 answers to solve 15 puzzles. Answering each one correctly will increase your protagonist’s knowledge by two points. The answers to solve the puzzles are:

  1. Blue Mountain
  2. Drip
  3. Espresso
  4. Americano
  5. Bisen
  6. Caffeine
  7. Cappuccino
  8. Columbia
  9. Wiener Coffee
  10. Sandwich
  11. Shockwinds
  12. Cheat
  13. Ryoko Shukaku
  14. Powered by Translate
  15. Horoscope

Once you have entered those answers into the minigame on one of the specified dates, your protagonist’s knowledge will rise. It is best to visit the tea ceremony net at night because you will be more likely to gain access to the crossword minigame at that time of the day.

That is how to access and solve the crossword minigame puzzles in Persona 5. For more tips and guides for the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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