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How to Get Flint in Pax Dei

Strike a spark.

Flint is one of the most difficult resources to find in Pax Dei due to the reliance on both luck and exploration. Flint is one of the earlier resources you are required to find before making progress to more complicated builds. However, locating this resource has stumped many players. Let’s take a look at how you can quickly get Flint in Pax Dei and how it is used.

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Where to Find Flint in Pax Dei

You will mostly find Flint around rivers in Pax Dei. Some players have reported being able to find it in mountain regions, but rivers are the most consistent spawn locations for Flint in Pax Dei. Find a river and follow along until you spot a Flint deposit near the bank. Flint can be identified by its dark appearance, however, this can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

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We suggest turning up your game’s brightness to have an easier time spotting Flint. It mainly spawns on the ground and Flint rocks tend to spawn near each other. You can stack up to 20 Flint in your inventory. If you can’t spot Flint, you might be out of luck. We say this because it’s possible that other players might have already picked up all the available Flint. This is possible if you spawned in a densely populated area. You’ll have to venture further away to find your own Flint or wait for it to respawn, but the Flint respawn time is currently unknown.

How to Use Flint in Pax Dei

Flint is primarily used as a crafting component in Pax Dei. Here are some recipes that use Flint as one of the components:

  • Flinthead Arrows are stronger than wooden arrows and unlock after the first time you find Flint. It’s also used in recipes for other Basic Fletching Tools
  • Most of your Basic Cooking Tools will also require some Flint and it’s important to get a source of food sorted early on.
  • Lastly, Basic Leatherworking Tools also require you to have some Flint available.

That’s all you need to know on how to find Flint and what it’s used for in Pax Dei. Also, check out the best Pax Dei starting locations while you’re here.

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