Outriders: 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Game

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Outriders is finally here, and players can now jump, servers permitting, into the latest world built by People Can Fly and Square Enix. With a mix of RPG and third-person shooter mechanics, the game is set to be the go-to experience for many for the month of April and beyond. If you are reading this guide, then you are also ready to start your journey in Outriders. Here are the important things you should know before starting Outriders.

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Experiment With All the Weapons

Things to Know Before Starting Outriders

outriders guns

With the loot game, there is always a chance of getting a better gun, and that will happen frequently in Outriders. While you may find a particular firearm that works well for your playing style, it might hold you back from progressing more smoothly in the game.

Experiment with the newer, better weapons, and you can still enjoy yourself without limitations.

Crafting Comes First

Things to Know Before Starting Outriders


Other games that are similar to Outriders have likely conditioned you to think of those hard-earned resources as items to keep for the best possible scenario. However, the sheer amount of loot in Outriders means you should always mod whenever you can, especially once you start getting blue gear with slots available.

Give yourself the best mods and benefit from them while you hunt down the next weapon. Do not leave it for the endgame.


Things to Know Before Starting Outriders


Outriders has some nifty features built in, with auto looting perfect for those afraid of missing out on items. You can turn the option on under the gameplay tab, and even specify the level of loot you want the game to auto-loot for you. Now you do not have to worry about missing out on the right rewards for your efforts.

Respec Often

Things to Know Before Starting Outriders

outriders skills

With the different skills and options you have in Outriders, it will be a pity if players are locked into choices with no room for recourse. Thankfully, resetting your skills in Outriders is easy, free, and allows for experimentation without consequences.

Do not feel locked into a particular way of playing. Try everything out before coming to a conclusion.

Appropriate Difficulties

Things to Know Before Starting Outriders

 world tiers

In Outriders, you will make progress for both your character as well as the world. Different World Tiers offer a varying level of challenge and rewards. While the top World Tier ensures you are getting the loot drops to up your power level, there can be instances where things may be too difficult.

You can simply bump down the World Tier, get through tough encounters, and shift things up again. There are no negatives to this, so save yourself the trouble of frustration.

That’s everything there is to know about the important things you should know before starting Outriders. For more on the game, do head over to our guide wiki. There, you can learn more about how to switch to your sidearm and how to melee, as well as get the lowdown on the World Tiers and more.

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