how long outriders takes to beat

How Long Outriders Takes to Beat

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Outriders is just about here at the time of this writing, and the demo has been out for quite some time. By now, you’ve probably blasted through the demo with each of the game’s four classes and are ready to start plowing through the main campaign. If you’re here, you might be wondering just how long it takes to beat Outriders. Fortunately, the devs have been pretty clear about that from that get-go.

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The Outriders dev team, People Can Fly, along with Square Enix have been very transparent about Outriders and have been consistently releasing details ever since it was announced pretty much.

In a previous Outriders broadcast, the question came up of how long Outriders takes to beat and the presented had a clear answer on that question. In addition, in interviews with Twinfinite and other outlets, People Can Fly provided some more detail as well.

Outriders should take roughly 25-30 hours if you just plow through the main story in order to reach the end as quickly as possible while doing minimal side quests.

If you play at a slower pace, do side quests, explore, and just in general avoid blasting through the story, it could double or even three times that depending on how thorough you want to be.

What also factors in is whether you intend to beat Outriders mostly solo, with a group, or something in between. You’ll have a much easier time playing through the game with a team of experienced shooter players. If you go at it alone, deaths are punished more since you’ll need to restart without a chance of a teammate picking up the slack.

That’s everything you need to know about how long Ouriders takes to beat. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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