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No Man’s Sky: How to Get an Atlas Pass and Open Locked Doors


No Man’s Sky: How to Get an Atlas Pass and Open Locked Doors

Atlas Pass – No Man’s Sky

While the universe and galaxies of No Man’s Sky are relatively open to players, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any locked doors. In fact, there are quite a few and the item prompt that appears can be pretty frustrating. As you try to pass them you’ll be greeted by a message telling you that you need an Atlas Pass of varying versions (ex: Atlas Pass v1). They’re easy to craft once you have the blueprint, but obtaining the blueprint requires a bit of work.

Atlas is the entity that helps connect all parts of the universe. Early on in No Man’s Sky, after showing your skill through the first few missions, you’ll be tasked with checking out a specific Monolith. Unlike most of the others which lead you to more knowledge on the various alien races in the game, this one will provide a waypoint directly to Atlas, allowing you to warp directly to an Atlas base. Once you’ve gathered enough Warp Cells to make the journey, head on over and you’ll be gifted with the first level of Atlas Pass. There are also times when Atlas will send you elsewhere to acquire an Atlaspass. Don’t worry though, you’ll be provided the resources you need to make the trip.

As you move ever closer to the center of the universe, you’ll find more of these Atlas stations that will provide better passes and other resources. These are how you get the keys necessary in order to bypass those pesky locks.

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