New World: Best Healer Build

best healer build

New World’s progression systems aren’t built around rigid class types, so you have free reign to mold any character into any sort of build. For those interested in PvP play, in particular, you’ll want to make sure your character fits within a certain role so that your party’s dynamic is balanced. One very important role is that of a healer, and here we’ve compiled a short guide on what we consider to be the best healer build for New World.

Best New World Healer Build

  • Primary weapon: Life Staff
  • Secondary weapon: Hatchet, Rapier, or any Dexterity-scaling weapon
  • Attributes: Focus, Dexterity, Constitution

Playing a healer role in New World means using the Life Staff, which should always be your go-to primary weapon. The Life staff has two paths of Mastery, one that revolves around protecting against incoming damage (Protection) and one that heals damage that has already been delivered (Healing). Both are viable options, but you might like to consider what sort of builds your PvP buddies are running to determine which is right for you.

As for your secondary weapon, you ideally want something that deals plenty of damage just in case you’re caught in a tight spot while your team is distracted. The Hatchet is one of the most powerful secondaries in the game, and its Berserker Mastery actually offers healing buffs for your character which might prove useful if you’re trying to stay alive while cornered. Otherwise, any Dexterity-scaling weapon will work as a backup for a healer, and the Rapier is a solid choice. For those who want to stay extremely passive, you might also consider the Ice Gauntlet (which does excellent AoE damage, or the Musket, which has a high DPS).

In terms of Attributes, healers should be primarily concerned with buffing their Focus since this is what your Life Staff scales with. Other important attributes obviously include Dexterity if you plan on using the secondaries we’ve mentioned above. It also might be worth spending points on Constitution, which raises your overall HP, since this means you won’t need to worry too much about keeping your own health topped up in the midst of combat.

That does it for our best New World healer build guide. For more tips and guides on the game, be sure to check our guide wiki. Alternatively, you should also see some related content for the game below that may prove useful.

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