Monster Hunter World: How to Discard Items

How to Discard Items in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World brings the series to modern consoles for the very first time, giving players a gorgeous world to explore with plenty of different monsters to hunt. Monster Hunter World’s gameplay revolves around many of the same ideas found in previous games, like tracking down whichever monster you’re hunting, setting traps or ambushes, and then taking down your prey in nail-baiting close quarters combat. Of course, along the way you’ll get plenty of items to help you in your journey, with everything from whetstones to potions. It’s more than likely that your inventory is going to get a little packed at times, and you might want to discard a few things to make space for new items.

Luckily, it’s very easy to discard items in Monster Hunter World. All you need to do is press the options button, or menu on Xbox One, the navigate to your Item Pouch menu. After that simply select the item you want to discard with X and then hit the Discard option to throw it away. Keep in mind that anything you discard is simply gone, so be careful not to accidentally let go of something you might need or want to keep.

Proper inventory management is important for any aspiring hunter, so make sure you keep up with your items. For more tips and guides on Monster Hunter World, be sure to check out our wiki.

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