Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hopping Skewers Explained

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hopping Skewers Explained

Eating right for the fight.
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Being prepared for a hunt is always going to help your chances, especially when the foe awaiting you is one that is dangerous, fast, big, or a combination of everything above. However, that goes beyond just ensuring you have the best equipment for the job, having a good meal can make a world of difference if you know what you’re doing. For those seeking to understand more about Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, read on.

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Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Explained

It is almost customary for hunters to dig into Dango before going off on a hunt, as a good meal can provide useful buffs that can shift things in your favor. However, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds the option of using Hopping Skewers instead of the normal option. The key difference is that it will affect the skill levels as well as the activation of Dango skills.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Hopping Skewers
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Depending on what you are looking for, levels 1 to 4 will bring about different effects from skills. Choosing the normal skewers will retain its activation chance for a Dango skill at level 2 reliably, whereas opting for the Hopping Skewers paves the way for higher Dango skill levels at the cost of activation chance, based on the order of the Dango.

Hopping Skewers
Image Source: Capcom

If you choose the top for a level 4 effect, the activation chance is greatly reduced, whereas at the bottom, a level 1 effect will have the greatest activation chance. Hunters will need to consider if it is worth taking the risk of using Hopping Skewers, or relying on the more consistent effects of the normal skewers.

That is all you’ll need to know about Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. For even more useful tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guides on figuring out Master Rank or find out how to use Buddy Recon effectively. For everything else. be sure to search Twinfinite.

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