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Middle-earth Shadow of War: Maedad Quest Walkthrough


Middle-earth Shadow of War: Maedad Quest Walkthrough

Maedad Quest Walkthrough in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

During your time in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, you’ll be given the opportunity to step in the shoes of Celebrimbor in Shadows of the Past missions. One such mission is Maedad, requiring players to Shadow Strike kill 14 archers in just over a minute. As such, Maedad appears to be causing some players a few problems, so let’s give you a quick rundown on how best to tackle this Shadows of the Past mission in Shadow of War.

First things first, make sure you’re comfortable with the controls. You’re going to be using Shadow Strike a heck of a lot in Maedad, so ensuring you perfectly execute it every time is key. To do this, aim at the enemy and press L2 (LB if you’re on Xbox One) and then press Square/ X to kill the enemy.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s get to work on tackling Maedad. The key here is to constantly be on the lookout for the little yellow diamonds marking the archers’ locations. As soon as you’ve Shadow Striked one, start moving the camera towards the next closest yellow marker. If there are two within a similar distance, take a quick look at the locations of the other archers. You want to make your route through the Maedad mission a simple, single path, rather than one that’s zig-zagging all over the place. It’s also worth noting that you want a nice clear line of sight between you and the archer. Anything in the way may stop your Shadow Strike from being effective or working at all. Give it a few tries and learn the locations of the archers and soon enough you’ll be breezing through Maedad in Shadow of War with relative ease.

If you’re still struggling to conquer the mission, YouTuber HairOnFire has provided a handy Gold run-through here.

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