Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Heal

How to Heal in Mass Effect Andromeda

You will get shot at in Mass Effect Andromeda… a lot. There’s just something about a Ryder that invites the hostility of weird looking alien enemies. You will notice that as you take damage, you have two bars at the bottom of the screen that react differently. The top one (the blue one) is your shield and actually recharges if you avoid damage for a few seconds. The red one on the bottom, though, is your health and if you want it to refill you need to heal yourself.

In order to heal in Mass Effect Andromeda you need to find special containers that have a red square over them with a red circle in the square. These are health containers. You’ll often find them near ammo containers. To use them, simply get close to one of them. You don’t have to press any button to interact of anything of the sort. As long as you’re within range (no more than like one step away) you’ll heal. Do note that not all of these boxes have unlimited healing. You’ll see four white bars next to the red symbol. When these disappear, you’ll get nothing more from the box and need to find another.

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