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Mario Kart Tour: How to Take Out 5 Goats

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Mario Kart Tour: How to Take Out 5 Goats

No animals were hurt in the making of this guide. Sadly, plenty of digital goats were completely leveled. Here’s how you can complete the challenge take out 5 goats in Mario Kart Tour.

First, before you can even think about how you’ll take out those goats, you need to find out where they are. You will only want to pick certain stages to clear out this challenge as soon as you can.

Head to Daisy Hills to find some of these horned, furry friends roaming the course. There are also a couple of other courses in Mario Kart Tour that feature goats, but they’re just the R and T variations on the original Daisy Hills.

How to Take Out 5 Goats in Mario Kart Tour

Once you find these gobs of goats scattered around the track, make sure your items are at the ready. Simply bumping those harmless mammals with your kart won’t do much good. You’re going to need some firepower.

Green Shells and Bob-Ombs will be good enough to take on these animals. Just make sure to work on your aim since it can be a bit tricky in Mario Kart Tour. Boosting through the goats with a mushroom will also get the job done.

Just about any item you can use to ruin another racer’s day will do the job against these hooved creatures. There are plenty of goats in Daisy Hills, so it shouldn’t take too long to complete this challenge.

Here’s a short summary of the steps for taking out 5 goats:

  1. Select a course that has goats.

    Your best options are Daisy Hills, Daisy Hills T, and Daisy Hills R.

  2. Stock up your power-ups.

    You should pick a character that can hold at least two power-ups on Daisy Hills.

  3. Aim and fire away at those goats.

    The easiest item to use would be the Super Star, but you can make do with whatever the game gives you.

That’s all there is to know about how to take out 5 goats in Mario Kart Tour. If you’re having some trouble with driving in this game, then check out some other guides down below.

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