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Kingdom Hearts 3: All Battlegates Locations

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All Battlegates Locations in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Defeating the final boss in Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t necessarily mark the end of the adventure. Not only can you continue playing to complete stuff you might have missed, but new content appears in the form of fourteen Battlegates. Here are all Battlegates locations in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Battlegates are spread across Kingdom Hearts 3’s different worlds and look like floating, spiky, blue orbs. Accessing them throws you into battles of varying difficulty which, upon completion, grant camera poses, items and secret reports that expand upon the game’s story.

Battlegates 1&2 Locations

The first two Battlegates are both found in Olympus. The first Battlegate floats in the center of the main room in Olympus’ courtyard, near the fourth fast travel point. It rewards the Fire Cufflink, which boosts magic and AP, alongside the first Secret Report.

The second Battlegate waits at the very top of Olympus, near the sixth fast travel point just through the massive gate behind Zeus. It’s a two-star difficulty battle that rewards a Cosmic Belt +, increasing defense and resistances, alongside Kingdom Hearts 3’s second Secret Report.

Battlegate 3 Location

For the third Battlegate, you’ll have to visit Twilight Town. Use the second fast travel point and go right outside the Old Mansion’s gate. A two-star difficulty battle awaits. When completed, it rewards the third Secret Report, alongside an Evanescent Crystal, which is a rare synthesis material.

Battlegates 4&5 Locations

You’ll find the fourth Battlegate in Toy Box. Use the sixth fast travel point to get to Kid Korral, and enter the vents reached by scaling the structure resembling a cactus. Complete the one-star battle and you’ll earn a Megaelixir, which completely refreshes your entire party, alongside the fourth Secret Report.

The fifth Battlegate is also found in Toy Box, next to the entrance of Galaxy Toys. Use the second fast travel point, turn around and you’ll see it casually floating by the door. Beating its two-star fight rewards the fifth Secret Report, alongside the Thunder Cufflink which boosts magic and max AP.

Battlegates 6&7 Locations

For the sixth Battlegate, a visit to the Kingdom of Corona is required. Use the fifth fast travel point. In the rocky area that precedes the Wetlands, you’ll find the orb in the middle of a clearing near the quarry. Completing the two-star battle nabs you the sixth Secret Report alongside an Illusory Crystal.

The seventh Battlegate is found at the start of the Kingdom of Corona. From the first fast travel point, follow the path through the cave until you see the floating orb. The one-star difficulty fight rewards the Aero Cufflink, alongside the seventh Secret Report.

Battlegate 8 Location

The eight Battlegate waits in the middle of Monstropolis’ silo. There’s a pipe in the tank yard that you can rail slide on which takes you there. Beat its one-star battle and you’ll get an Illusory Crystal, used for synthesis, alongside the eight Secret Report.

Battlegate 9 Location

Battlegate nine lies in icy Arendelle. From the third fast travel point you can reach the Ice Labyrinth. Take the elevator to its middle section and look for a large open room on the right side. The orb is in the middle, and its two-star battle rewards an Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report #9.

Battlegate 10 Location

The tenth Battlegate waits in the Caribbean. From the first fast travel point, go through the underwater cavern to the cave where Sora finds his ship. The orb is found next to a boarded up passage. Its one-star battle rewards the Water Cufflink and the tenth Secret Report.

Battlegates 11&12 Locations

You’ll find the eleventh Battlegate in San Fransokyo. Take the fourth fast travel point, then ride the train rails in the northwestern corner of the city. The orb waits in a tunnel at the edge of the map. Beating its two-star battle rewards the Ying-Yang Cufflink which boosts strength, magic and AP, alongside Secret Report #11.

The twelvth Battlegate is found in the southeast corner of San Fransokyo. The orb is on a helipad at the top of one of the skyscrapers there. The one-star difficulty battle rewards a Blizzard Cufflink and the twelfth Secret Report.

Battlegates 13&14 Location

Battlegate number thirteen floats carelessly in the Keyblade Graveyard. Use the first fast travel point, turn around and go southwards. Once you leave the cave, you’ll see the orb. A two-star difficulty battle awaits and completing it rewards you a Celestriad, alongside the thirteenth Secret Repot.

The last Battlegate is found in the Northern Badlands. Instead of heading south, go north. You’ll see it as soon as you leave the cave. It’s the only three-star difficulty battle of the bunch, pitting you against the Dark Inferno secret boss. Overcome it and you’ll get the Crystal Regalia, which significantly boosts all stats, alongside a new selfie pose.

These are all the Battlegates locations in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more Kingdom Hearts 3 tips, tricks and guides, head on over to our Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki. To give you an idea, we’ve helpful guides on how to take photos & selfies, how to use link summons and how to synthesize.

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