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Judgment: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Judgment: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Don’t Worry About Making Money Until a Few Chapters In

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You’ll realize pretty quickly in Judgment that there’s a lot to spend money on, and that only becomes truer when you unlock the Quickstarter app.

Don’t worry about making money for the first couple chapters, however, as you’ll get the ability to make a ton in Chapter 3 onward.

Chapter 3 gives you the ability to play the VR minigame Dice & Cube, with the potential to make hundreds of thousands of yen every time you play.

You’ll need Play Passes, of course, but you should get a good amount of these dropped by enemies you beat in the city.

Whenever you play Dice & Cube look for the golden King Nyan, who will put you into Koro-Nyan mode and send your rewards through the roof. This is the easiest way to rack up tons of money.

There is another great way, however, by completing the many Side Cases that pop up.

Not every Side Case will reward you with money, but most of them do, and it’s always a decent amount. Make sure to look for the blue folder icon on your map for any Side Cases that have popped up.

Check the Three Job Boards

judgment, tips, tricks, guide

Talking about Side Cases, if you really want to complete all of them, and see some of the game’s best content, you’ll want to make sure you’re diligently checking the three job boards in Judgment.

This means checking at the Yagami Detective Agency, Genda Law Office, and Bar Tender.

You won’t unlock jobs at Tender until a few chapters in, but you should always check all three of these locations as your City Reputation levels up, as more and more Side Cases will open up.

These jobs always reward you with money, so it’s a great way to make cash, and see some fun side stories. You can even look at each job and see when it’ll unlock, based on story progression in Judgment and City Reputation level.

Complete Any and All Friend Events

judgment, tips, tricks, guide

Friend Events make up the bulk of Judgment’s side content, and while they’re often hilarious, they have tangible rewards to give you as well.

The most obvious of these is raising your City Reputation level, which will unlock more Side Cases and even friend events.

There are more benefits to making friends though, as friends will greet you in the city giving you an EX gauge boost, offer unique services, or even help you in battle.

If you open your map with the touchpad, you’ll see a number of little handshake icons all over the city. Each of these are a friend event to complete, and each one will raise your City Reputation by one.

Some friend events you’ll just need to talk to them to raise it, others will require you to purchase items or food to trigger it, or play a minigame like Mahjong.

It’s also important to note that any Friend events you’ve maxed will be marked in dark green, while ones that can still be maxed will be in light green on the map.

Always Stay Stocked Up on Healing Items and Medkits

You’ll be fighting a lot of thugs in Judgment, as you roam around Kamurocho, and there are quite a few story segments that can be quite demanding with a lengthy series of fights. Because of this, it’s essential that you always have a few healing items on hand.

Luckily, you can buy food for healing for super cheap at any Poppo store. Just stop in drop a couple of thousand yen and make sure you always have a good amount, especially before you start following the story.

Equally important are Medkits that you can buy from the doctor in the sewers, underneath Children’s Park in the North. You’ll always want to have at least one small Medkit with you to heal mortal wounds.

Story bosses always have the ability to inflict mortal wounds, and you don’t want to find your health bar cut down without a way to fix it.

Get the Liquid Courage Set of Skills

judgment, tricks, guide

EX skills are your greatest asset in battle, letting you unleash devastating attacks that blow away huge amounts of health from enemies. Of course, to use these you have to raise your EX Gauge and there’s a nifty way of doing that quickly in Judgment.

One of the first skills you should invest in is “Liquid Courage,” underneath the Ability tab in the Skills menu, at the very bottom.

This skill significantly boosts your EX Gauge charge rate when Yagami is drunk, and the two subsequent abilities, Liquid Bravery and Liquid Valor, only heighten the effect.

Like we said before on stocking up with healing items, you should also be stocked up on alcohol like Sake or Jack Daniels, easy to buy at Poppo stores.

If you find yourself in a tough battle or against a boss, just drink a couple of alcoholic drinks and your EX Gauge will go through the roof while you’re fighting.

Alternate Between Crane and Tiger Style

judgment, tricks, guide

Judgment’s combat is entirely designed around the idea of Yagami having two different fighting styles, Crane and Tiger, and those are the two styles you’ll have throughout the game. It’s important in battle to shift between these two on the fly whenever you need.

Crane is best used with groups of enemies as it has wide sweeping attacks, while Tiger is best used to focus on singular enemies with a flurry of attacks.

Outside of just being used differently, you should switch between these two styles as each one has rewards to give you through KamuroGO.

There are SP rewards for defeating a certain number of enemies with both Crane and Tiger style, so if you want all the rewards you’ll need to use both styles.

Make sure to search Twinfinite for even more tips and guides, or you can check out our Judgment wiki for everything you might need.

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