Is Odd Taxi Getting a Season 2? Answered

Is Odd Taxi Getting a Season 2? Answered

Find out whether or not Odd Taxi is getting a Season 2.

Odd Taxi is a strange beast in the realm of recent anime. It garnered widespread attention with its first season, and there was just as much hype for its film adaptation Odd Taxi: In the Woods. It now remains a go-to example of more recent anime classics, and one which is recommended by just about everyone. With all of this in mind though, you’re probably wondering: Is Odd Taxi getting a season 2, or has its story been completed? Well, for better or worse, we’ve got an answer for you.

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Is Odd Taxi Getting a Second Season? Answered

It’s unlikely that Odd Taxi is getting an entire second season, and the reason is simple: there’s not currently any more content that can be adapted or expanded upon for it.

This is because the series was created to be a contained original product. The manga of the same name only began publication a few months before the series aired, and covered the same events that were portrayed in the anime. Likewise, the film only adds a small portion of story to what was covered in the anime, leaving things in just as ambiguous of a state as they were after the series finale.

To that end, it’s safe to assume that the entire planned story of Odd Taxi has been told. Even if it was decided to make a second season, the creators would have to break from their original plan and devise workarounds for several elements of the series so that characters could be made relevant again. The chances of this being done successfully would be pretty slim, even given the series’ success.

As such, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for an entire new season of episodes and story for the series.

It should be noted, however, that this isn’t saying there will never be anything else related to Odd Taxi that is released out into the wild.

The series has already received an audio drama, and the story it tells could very easily be adapted into a light novel or series of light novels. A true sequel film or OVAs isn’t out of the realm of possibility either, providing the opportunity to give a clearer ending for certain characters while also capitalizing on the series’ popularity and success.

All of this is speculation though, and none of it should be taken as a 100 percent confirmed outcome you can expect. All the same, we’ll keep our eyes posted and update this guide if anything substantial comes to light.

Hopefully this cleared up whether or not Odd Taxi is getting a Season 2. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles below. We’ve also got plenty of other great anime content, including lists of the best anime openings and the best anime on Hulu.

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