How to View Friends’ Squads in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

See what your friend's building!

The beauty of FIFA’s Ultimate Team game mode is that you can make the team of your dreams, and while their are meta players that tend to show up in a lot of people’s squads, you can make yours feel wholly unique. If you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to see how your friend’s squad compares to yours, the good news is that you can do exactly that. Here’s everything you need to know on viewing your friends’ team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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How to View Friends’ Ultimate Teams in FIFA 23

Below, we’ll run you through the steps you’ll need to take to see what team your mates are using in Ultimate Team.

How to View a Friend’s Squad in FIFA 22

  1. Select Friendlies from the Play tab on the Ultimate Team menu.

  2. Select ‘Couch Play.’

  3. Select a side for your controller and what match type you want to play.

  4. Manage your squad and press ‘Options’ to progress.

    On Xbox, you want to press the Menu button. This is the one to the right of the big Xbox button in the middle of your controller.

  5. Confirm your team’s set-up.

  6. Head to the top tile called ‘Community Squads,’ and scroll using left stick to My Friends.

  7. Select a friend whose team you want to see and press Triangle/ Y to view their squad.

You can then jump into a match against their team if you want to see how yours fares against them, though keep in mind you’ll be playing against the AI, so don’t get ahead of yourself and start bragging to your friend if you win!

That’s everything you need to know on how to view friend’s squads in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Now you can see how your team compares before you challenge them to a game… and avoid the embarrassment of getting battered if theirs is better than yours!

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