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How to Upgrade the Hammer in Harvestella

The hammer is useful in Harvestella if you want to clear out rocks for more farming space. This guide will tell you how to upgrade it!

One of the things that players looked forward to most with Harvestella’s release is the ability to farm. You are given a plot of land to tend to in-game, but unfortunately this plot does not come without its troubles. To make full use of your farm, you will need to clear out the small and large rocks blocking you from accessing spaces used for crops or machines. You do get a hammer quite early on, but if you are wondering how to upgrade the hammer in Harvestella and use it to break the bigger rocks, we have written up a quick guide here to help you make the most of your land!

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Upgrading Hammer in Harvestella

Before you are able to upgrade the hammer and break bigger rocks, you will need to first unlock the hammer. If you have already played through enough of the game’s beginning to get to this point, just read on to learn how you can upgrade the hammer and make it more useful.

Unlocking Shirii

To upgrade your hammer, you will have to reach at least Chapter 3C and clear it. This will unlock Shirii, the Great Earth Fairie. It is from the Earth Faerie’s orders that the upgrade for your hammer will become unlocked. Unfortunately, unlocking Shirii does take quite a while as the point in which he appears in the story is a good few hours into the gameplay. Shirii comes after the Winter Dungeon, a map grueling in itself.

Shirii Harvestella
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Completing Faerie Orders

Fortunately, doing orders for the Faeries is a task reminiscent of some of our favorite farming games! It is very much akin to task boards in other games (ahem, Rune Factory). Be sure to check Shirii’s Faerie Orders after unlocking him to find which one you have to complete to upgrade your hammer. Most of his rewards pertain to farming, thankfully, making quests for him quite useful.

That is all there is to unlocking Shirii and upgrading the hammer. Large rocks, begone! If you found this guide on how to upgrade the hammer in Harvestella helpful, you may also want to have a look at how you can unlock all of the jobs in Harvestella or how you can fish. You can also check out similar content below!

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