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How to Unlock All Romance Options in Fae Farm

Love island.

During your time in Azoria, you’ll get to mingle with the island’s diverse bunch of locals. Between all the farming and dungeon crawling, you’ll even get the opportunity to fall in love with a few eligible bachelors and bachelorettes! A strong relationship takes a little work though, so here’s everything you need to know when it comes to romance and getting married in Fae Farm.

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All Characters You Can Romance in Fae Farm

There are a total of six characters who you can choose to romance in Fae Farm. Three of them are human characters, and three are elves. Fae Farm is all about inclusivity, so regardless of your character creation choices you can date anybody you like from the available pool of marriage candidates. Here are all six of the characters you can romance in Fae Farm:

  • Argyle
  • Galan
  • Jack
  • Nhamashal
  • Pepper
  • Pyria
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How to Increase Your Romantic Affection Level

There are three quick ways to rank up your relationship status with a prospective romantic partner. As well as simply talking to them each day, completing their relationship quests and bringing them gifts are a surefire way to make them fall in love with you.

Once you’ve decided on a character you want to romance, you can find them on the World Map and click their portrait to put a waypoint marker to them on your screen. Each character has a different routine they like to follow, but they generally all start the day in the Tavern on the Docks.

You’ll be able to date the three human characters — Argyle, Jack, and Pepper — from Day 3 onward. Attempting to date them this early in the game, however, may prove difficult, as the gifts they ask for may not be obtainable with your current tools.

Pyria in Fae Farm
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The three elf characters — Galan, Nhamashal, and Pyria — all become available to date once you’ve completed Chapter 4. With all your options now open to you, this is a perfect time to start looking for a relationship.

Once you start chatting up your prospective partner, you’ll have two options to improve your relationship standing with them each day. You can give them a gift, which they’ll want a different type of each day, or do a short quest which usually involves gathering some resources or crafting them an item.

You can view any romance quests you’ve picked up for that day by scrolling across to the ‘Romance’ tab in your quest log. If you’re not able to complete the daily quest or can’t find the gift that they want that day, then there’s no need to worry as both will reset to entirely new ones the next day.

How to Check Your Relationship Rank

You can view how your relationship with each romantic partner is progressing by opening your ‘Relationships’ menu. There, you’ll find a full list of each character you can date in Fae Farm, regardless of whether you’ve started to court them or not.

These are all the ranks you will need to climb before you can get married:

  • Strangers
  • Flirting
  • Interested
  • Dating
  • Getting Serious
  • Spouse/Fiance/Fiancee

You can also reset your relationship status from the ‘Relationships’ menu. Simply hover over the romantic partner you want to reset and you’ll see an option to reset the relationship. This option is activated by pressing the Y button on the Switch controller. You’ll receive a warning before you reset the relationship, and upon confirmation, you’ll be back to Strangers status.

How to Get Married

Once you’ve reached the level of Fiance or Fiancee, you’ll get the option to marry your partner. If you agree to this you’ll have to pay a sum of 10,000 gold florins for the wedding ceremony.

Not all romantic partners want a wedding, and instead you’ll just become spouses without the need for a ceremony. The rank of spouse will automatically be reached when you’ve given one of these partners enough gifts.

Marriage proposal to Pyria in Fae Farm
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You can romance all six characters at a time in Fae Farm, but you can only get married to one character, so you’ll have to choose wisely. Of course, if you ever feel like you need a change, you can reset your relationship, but you’ll need to pay the 10,000 florin fee again if you remarry.

If you’re playing the game in co-op mode, you’ll have to race against your fellow islanders, as each romance partner can only be married to one player.

Marriage in Fae Farm doesn’t have any real benefits. There are no further dates to go on with your spouse, and you won’t learn anything new about them. They will occasionally hang around on your farm, but that’s about it.

Now you know everything about how to unlock all the romance options in Fae Farm. If you’ve found true love in the game, perhaps you’ll also be able to find a cozy space in your heart for our Fae Farm review. Alternatively, check out our links below for more guides.

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