How to unlock additional recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Unlock Additional Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Expand your recipe collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The cooking gameplay of Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to make different types of meals that they can use to replenish stamina, give away to characters, or sell for profit. But, when you look at the collection of dishes on the menu, you’ll notice several locked food items with unknown ingredients. In this guide, we’ll provide a few tips and tricks about how to get additional recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley to expand your culinary journey.

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How to Get More Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players can unlock additional recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley via the following methods:

  • Explore the Valley
  • Obtain them from Disney characters
  • Experiment with ingredients while cooking

The first activity requires you to clear out blocked areas, such as removing stones, Night Thorns, and other items throughout the game. From there, you can dig up sparkling spots with your shovel and possibly unearth recipes for new meals. Players can also get other food-related ideas from Disney characters, such as when Mickey Mouse gives you seeds and a recipe that you’ll need to cook for him.

One of the last ways you can get more dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by cooking with various ingredients. The best place to do this activity is at Remy’s restaurant (you can unlock him at Dream Castle) since he will do multiple reactions to certain items you throw in the pot. For example, a good mixture of ingredients will make the character sniff your cooking in awe, but if he scowls at another attempt, you may need to try out something else.

Making dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While you begin experimenting, you can look at the history of ingredients you’ve put together in the past, where you’ll see different colored slots of food:

Different recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A box with a green border indicates that the component is necessary for a specific recipe, while yellow means it can go with anything. However, red slots are items that are not mandatory, therefore, you can leave them out of this food creation.

Those who want to make a particular dish can get hints from the Meals tab in the Collection menu by selecting any slot they desire (you can see an image of every meal.) Furthermore, you can take it a step further by looking at real-life recipes for these dishes and putting the required ingredients into the cooking pot.

Now that you know how to unlock additional recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can see how many you get in the Meal Collection. If you want more content about the game, check out the relevant links below and view our guide about how to collect Dreamlight.

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