Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

How to Unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns

Where to find this twisted lizard!

Risk of Rain Returns is a thrilling return to the classic roguelike adventure that features a wide variety of survivors to play as. One on the roster that has been popular throughout Risk of Rain history is the venom-spewing menace known as Acrid.

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A mysterious creature of bizarre creation that was once imprisoned and presumably crash landed on Petrichor V alongside the Contact Light’s cargo, Acrid lies in wait somewhere in the game for players to unlock if they’re able and willing. If you’re wondering how and where to find them, here is our handy guide for how to unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns.

How & Where to Unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns where to find Acrid
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

Acrid is actually one of the easier survivors in the game to find, or even just stumble across during your playthrough. They’ll be hiding out in the Sunken Tomb zone, and it’s possible you might even teleport in right next to their location. It’ll always be in the top right section of the map, and you want to keep your eyes peeled for a suspiciously large metal container (as seen above). It’ll be sitting underneath a stone statue with a spear, and if you walk up to it you’ll get an “Interact?” prompt.

Hit that prompt and Acrid will burst out from the container and immediately engage you in battle as a mini-boss fight. Unlike a certain secret survivor though, you want to defeat them in order to obtain them. Thankfully they’re not particularly difficult to defeat, and once they’re down you’ll get the traditional “Challenge Complete” notification. Wherever the end of your run is, they’ll be officially unlocked as a playable survivor.

Risk of Rain Returns how to obtain Acrid as a survivor
Image Source: Hopoo Games via Twinfinite

While other survivors typically use weapons and the like to fend off enemies, Acrid is a bit special in that poison is their weapon of choice, along with their brute strength and claws. They’re a hands-on brawler type of survivor that is proficient at infecting mobs and bosses with their poison abilities, which weakens them and makes them easier to bring down quickly.

Running solo with Acrid takes a bit of time to learn but is doable with the right build and right Artifacts. They’re especially lethal in group runs though, with the ability to stack a constant status effect and do close-quarter damage while others rely on ranged attacks.

That concludes our guide for how to unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know if you particularly enjoy playing as Acrid in the game. How do you feel that they compare to other survivors?

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