How To Start & Complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

It's time to commit crimes.

Want to know how to start and complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online? This brand new mission is all part of the newest Criminal Enterprises update, which sees you go undercover as an IAA agent to complete missions and earn rewards. Here is everything you need to know about starting and finishing this job.

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How to Start Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

All you have to do to get Operation Paper Trail started in GTA Online is to wait for the update to come through and answer the phone when Agent ULP contacts you. Once you do, a new objective on the map will show up.

Just head to that objective like you would with any other mission in GTA Online, and you’ll be able to start Operation Paper Trail.

How to Complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

Once you’ve talked to Agent ULP over the phone and started, you’ll be given orders to follow in order to complete the mission. Since this is a pretty big update, you’ll likely get a number of different objectives to follow throughout the overarching plot.

Simply complete all of these missions and follow the set parameters until you’ve reached the very end of the objectives that have been given to you. When you do, you’ll no doubt earn a boatload of cash and rewards for your troubles.

That is everything you need to know how to start and complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online. Still on the hunt for more great content? Be sure to take a look at our weekly update posts, as well as an official interview with Franklin Clinton’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno.

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