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How to Skip Cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush

Get right to the action.

Hi-Fi Rush is a third-person action rhythm game from Tango Gameworks, developer of The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo. The studio knows a thing or two about single-player stories with trippy cutscenes, and Hi-Fi Rush is no different. Although, you may want to pass over the cutscenes if you are not interested in the story and would rather get to the action. Here is how to skip cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush.

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Skipping Cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush for PC and Xbox Series X|S

While cutscenes are very important to knowing what is going on in the world of Hi-Fi Rush, the gameplay is straightforward enough that it is not entirely necessary to sit through if you are not that interested. Thankfully, the cutscenes in the game can be skipped if you do not have the time or patience to sit through.

Once a cutscene has started, holding the B button on the Xbox Series X|S controller or the Q key on the keyboard and mouse will skip the cutscene and bring the player to next event. The button or key must be held down for a small amount of time for it to count and skip.

A meter will pop up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and will fill up longer the button or key is pressed to let you know when to stop holding it down. It is almost important to note that skipping works with the cutscenes during the game, but does not work with the initial introduction. Although, the intro itself is only a few minutes long and gives control to the player fairly quick.

That is how to skip cutscenes in Hi-Fi Rush. Be sure to come back to Twinfinite for more Hi-Fi Rush guides, such as all the bands and songs listed in the game, and click the links below for other helpful coverage about the title.

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