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How to Register Players in Football Manager 2023

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Whether you’re starting a new save or revisiting an old one, registering players is commonplace in Football Manager. Every window, you’ll have an opportunity to land an under-the-radar star, chase a big fish, or even sell off the club’s deadwood. But what about when it comes to confirming your squad for the competitions that lie ahead? Let’s walk you through how to register players in Football Manager 2023, and discuss ways to work around the rules.

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Registering Players in Football Manager 2023

Fortunately, when it comes to registering players in Football Manager, you won’t have to navigate their way through too many screens. That said, you’ll want to be on the home screen, with your attention directed towards the left side.

Where to Register Players

  1. Click on the ‘Squad’ tab.

    Typically located third from the top, between ‘Inbox’ and ‘Squad Planner.’

  2. Hover over ‘Overview’ and select ‘Registration.’

    Now, you’ll be able to register your squad for the months ahead.

  3. Click the checkmark to register players.

    You’ll have to follow league-specific requirements.

Register Players Football Manager Squad Requirements
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From there, it is a matter of finding the right combination of players to fit within the rules and regulations of your club. Typically these will vary by country, as top leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain all have different requirements with regard to homegrown players.

Relatedly, there is some wiggle room when it comes to avoiding a potentially overloaded squad. For instance, the Premier League doesn’t require under-21s to be registered for the competition. Therefore, players can promote capable academy graduates if they want to carry an extra body or two.

It is also important to note that these registration rules may change over time depending on how long your save ends up going. Every season, you’ll be met with new registration rules, even if there are little-to-no changes.

Can You Register Players Anytime in Football Manager 2023?

The answer to this particular question is both no and yes.

If you are playing by the rules, players for the league season can only be registered during their respective transfer windows. Registration for European competitions such as the Champions, Europa, and Europa Conference Leagues will be prompted before every new round.

But maybe you want to experiment with Football Manager’s In-game Editor. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to register players whenever, wherever.

Football Manager 2023 Register Squad Anytime
Image Source: Sega via Twinfinite

Maybe you forgot to register a specific player. Perhaps there is a player or two you no longer have use for and would like to not be consistently reminded of their existence. Either way, there is a solution! If you’ve purchased the In-game Editor, simply hover over the pencil located near the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select ‘Allow Squad Registration Anytime.’

Mission accomplished. Of course, players will still have to comply with the competition-specific regulations. But hey, at least they’re able to meet you halfway, right?

That’s everything you need to keep in mind when registering players in Football Manager 2023. Be sure to not dismiss those prompts at the beginning or end of every transfer window. And, keep in mind that overloading your squad early on may cause registration issues down the line. Not that I’ve learned from experience or anything.

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