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How to Play With Friends in F1 24

Let's play with friends finally!

Playing alone in a racing game is a classic experience, but we bet that experience will be even better with friends. Last year, in F1 23, we had a new career co-op mode that many had fun with, and we are happy to say it is back in F1 24 as well. But how do you play with friends in F1 24?

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Playing With Friends in F1 24

The way you play with friends is by using your friend’s online ID or inviting them to your lobby. Since F1 24 does support crossplay, this means that you are able to play with your friends, regardless if they are running the game on Xbox or PC. But this also means that you have to either have added your friend before or they have to be able to find you.

Basically, one way you can play with your friend is by playing the two-player career. Each one of you will have individual driver objectives, so that you will compete to become the team’s number one driver.

To create a session for either a Career or a simple “Multiplayer Grand Prix”, select the Local Multiplayer option on the game’s main menu screen. Yes, it’s that easy this year.

the local multiplayer section in F1 24
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After you create the session, you can then decide to invite other users or only have your friends join, if the session is set to “Friends Only”. In order to add friends to the game, before you create the multiplayer session, you need to go to the Player hub. This is done by pressing the Xbox button on the controller or F3 on your keyboard.

Now you’ll see several choices, one of them being “friends”. In there, you can add friends by searching with their online ID. If that friend is online and waiting, you should be able to find them by using their current ID. If you are friends already, then the other player should also be able to join the session by selecting the name in the friends list, pressing A and selecting “join”.

That’s all we have for you on how to play with friends in F1 24. For more information on the series, check out F1 Manager 2024 preview and our F1 23 review.

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