how to influence zola & arthur sowing discord quest starfield
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How to Influence Arthur & Zola in Starfield Sowing Discord Quest

Manners maketh man.

Climbing the corporate ladder is all fun and games until you’ve got to really get down to business. The meetings and conversations behind closed doors can be interesting, but they’re not always the easiest to navigate. If you need help completing the Sowing Discord quest in Starfield, here’s how.

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Where to Find Zola and Arthur in Starfield

To find both Zola and Arthur, you’ll have to make your way to the Astral Lounge from Ryujin Tower after Imogene gives you your fitted suit, a fake presentation, and a dossier for both individuals. Give the dossiers a quick read so you know who you’re dealing with, and then move in to start breaking the deal.

How Do You Influence Zola Adisa?

starfield sowing discord zola asida dossier
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You can find Zola on the main floor of the Astral Lounge once you enter, sat along the right side of the room. Go and start a conversation with her, and choose the persuade option out of the dialogue choices. Based on her file, you want to make sure to point out how cheap Infinity LTD is and how they have poor leadership, but don’t forget to compliment Quantum Synergies if you get the chance.

How Do You Influence Arthur Cruz?

starfield sowing discord arthur cruz dossier
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You can find Arthur by going to the elevator in the Astral Lounge and going up to the VIP Balcony. Once there, you can find him in the booth next to the elevator on the right.

To get in Arthur’s head, you’ve got to take advantage of the fact that he’s a real numbers guy. Start a conversation and talk to him until you can try to persuade him, where you just have to mention Infinity LTD’s fabricated profits and compare them to Ryujin’s. He’ll be quick to reconsider once you give him some compelling “facts.”

How Do You Swap the Presentations?

starfield sowing discord quest presentation
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After you’ve successfully instilled some skepticism into the suits, you can drive the point home with the manufactured presentation that Imogene gave you. You’ve got to swap out the presentation that was going to be given to the Quantum Synergies folks, so that they don’t see any promising data and cancel the deal.

After you’ve convinced Arthur, head down the hallway where the security guard is standing and find the locked booth. Pick the novice lock and you’ll get access to the real presentation that you have to swap out for the fake one. Once you’ve done that, you can head back to Imogene on the other side of the Neon Core and you’ll get a nice bonus for your work.

And that’s everything we have on influencing Arthur and Zola for the Sowing Discord quest in Starfield. There are plenty of things to do on Neon while you’re there, so be sure to check out some of our other guides if you need help with any of it.

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