How to Increase Health, Energy & Mana in Fae Farm

Those plants won't water themselves.

Casting a spell against Jumbles in Fae Farm
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All that tree chopping and plant watering makes for pretty tiring work. However, you can’t afford to be waiting around when you’ve got crops to harvest, houses to decorate, and dungeons to beat. Minimize your time spent sleeping and read on to learn how to increase your health, energy, and mana in Fae Farm.

Crafting Cozy Furniture in Fae Farm

You can increase your health, energy, and mana in Fae Farm by crafting Cozy Furniture items for your house. Each one of these special items will permanently increase the amount of damage you can take, resources you can harvest, or magic you can cast.

There are a total of 30 Cozy Furniture items to craft. 10 items increase health, 10 increase energy, and 10 increase mana. You’ll need to craft all 30 items and place them in your house to get the maximum stats.

Cozy Furniture in Fae Farm
Image Source: Phoenix Labs via Twinfinite

To craft Cozy Furniture, enter your house and enter construction mode by pressing the down arrow on a Switch controller. Open your build catalogue, and the first tab you’ll see will be Cozy Furniture. So long as you have the resources needed to craft the item, you’ll be able to place it straight down.

Only a few Cozy items will be available to craft early in the game when your resources are limited. The rest will steadily become available as you open up new areas of the island. It’s recommended that you craft each new piece of Cozy Furniture as soon as you’re able to.

You won’t notice an increase in your stat bars as soon as you place the item down in your house. The effects will only activate the next day. As such, you might want to go straight to sleep if you need the extra boost immediately.

Removing a piece of Cozy Furniture from your house, meanwhile, will cause the stat increase to disappear the next day.

That’s all there is to increasing you health, energy, and mana bars in Fae Farm. It may take some time to reach the maximum amount, but it’s well worth doing if you want to maintain the farm of your dreams. For more useful tips and tricks, check out our other guides down below.

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