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How to Get Witchfire Early Access

Fire those witches.

First-person shooter fans are gearing up for the release of Witchfire, a fantasy title coming from Polish development studio The Astronauts. Its early access launch is rapidly approaching, but how do you access it?

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Accessing Witchfire Early Access

Image Credit: The Astronauts via Twinfinite

The developers have confirmed that the early access version of Witchfire will release on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023.

There’s no need to pre-order anything or sign up for access. All players wanting to play simply need to do the following:

  • Have a Windows platform PC
  • Download Witchfire Early Access from the Epic Games Store

That’s literally it. Heading to the game’s Epic Games Store page once it’s live will let players download it. There’s no details on preloads, but it’s guaranteed to be live and available on Sept. 20.

We expect early access to last a while, with the devs pointing to a 12 to 16 month period before a full version of the game is launched. That means anywhere from September 2024 to January 2025 seems likely as a launch window for the full title.

There does not seem to be any way for those on Xbox or PlayStation to play the early access game, with only Windows listed.

The devs have explained their decision to launch in early access, as well as how they’ll be using player feedback.

“Witchfire is a roguelite shooter with many unique gameplay features,” they wrote. “It is a perfect game to grow and balance with the community feedback. We will be monitoring your feedback everywhere, be it social media or gaming forums.”

As for the content that will be on offer, it’s less clear currently. However, The Astronauts have promised “enough content for the game to feel satisfying. The core gameplay loops are all there, as well as select tools of war like guns and spells.”

That’s everything we have on how to get Witchfire early access. Be sure to check out the related content below for more on The Astronaut’s upcoming FPS.

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