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How to Get Ring of Freight in Palworld

You don't gotta carry that weight!

There are a variety of accessories to choose from in Palworld to provide your Pal Adventurer with some helpful buffs and benefits. One such accessory that you should definitely invest in is the Ring of Freight, as it’ll help lighten the load, so to speak. If you’re wondering where to find one, here’s our handy guide for how to get Ring of Freight in Palworld.

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What Does the Ring of Freight Do in Palworld?

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The Ring of Freight is one of the newer accessories added in Palworld, and it provides a very useful benefit when equipped. Depending on its rarity tier (e.g. – Uncommon, Rare, Epic), this ring accessory provides your character with boosted Carrying Capacity. Since you have to constantly haul resources from the wilds back to your bases, or in between the bases themselves, this is absolutely helpful to have on hand.

To further expand your space for wearable accessories you can also invest in a Mysterious Accessory Box from the Medal Merchant, which costs 100 Dog Coins. To expand up to four spaces, you’ll need the Box of Mystery Accessories, which is pricier at 1000 Dog Coins. However, this can keep your Ring of Freight from taking a valuable spot that you may want for something else.

To further capitalize on your Carrying Capacity buff, you can also purchase or make some Burden Remedies and Elixirs, which provide permanent boosts to it as well.

How to Get Ring of Freight in Palworld

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As far as getting your hands on a Ring of Freight in Palworld, there are a few different methods, but only one is guaranteed, while the others are a matter of chance.

The first and guaranteed way to get a Ring of Freight is by paying a visit to your local Medal Merchant, who conducts transactions with Dog Coins. This unique currency is found via Junkyard Piles or by defeating Mimog Pals in the Sakurajima region of the map. The Medal Merchant sells a Ring of Freight +1 (Uncommon tier) for just 50 Dog Coins, so this is likely the easiest and quickest way to get one for your character.

Another way to get a Ring of Freight, while not guaranteed and takes multiple attempts, is by finding and defeating Menasting Terra, an Alpha Pal found in the Northern Rocky Area of Sakurajima Island. Alongside its usual Possible Drops, per our experience, a Ring of Freight has a rare chance to drop as well.

Finally, while not yet confirmed, a Ring of Freight may have a chance to appear in a random Supply Drop event. Among the items that can be found in the crate, one of them may be a random accessory, so it is possible that the Ring of Freight may appear.

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