Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

How to Get Nargacuga Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise

Now here is a creature with smugness and guts!

Monster Hunter Rise is filled to the brim with absolutely fearsome beasts to conquer around the village of Kamura and beyond. One such iconic monster among them is the ruthless, black-furred wyvern known as Nargacuga, a popular target for its gear and weapon looks. If you’re one such monster hunter who seeks to create your own Nargacuga-inspired ensemble, you’ll of course need to know which materials you need to craft it. One that’s somewhat tricky to get a hold of is Nargacuga Marrow, which factors in to a number of different gear sets. If you’re wanting to know how best to get your hands on some, here is our handy guide for how to get Nargacuga Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to Obtain Nargacuga Marrow in MHR

Monster Hunter Rise how to get Nargacuga Marrow
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

As you can guess, Nargacuga Marrow is a crafting material that comes from the dark wyvern monster, Nargacuga. Like any other monster in the game, you’ll need to set out on a hunt to bring it down and harvest as many materials from it as possible along the way, to improve your odds of getting the specific one that you need.

In the case of Nargacuga Marrow, it’s a material that can thankfully be obtained a number of different ways while hunting the monster. Not only that, it can be found while hunting either the Low Rank version of Nargacuga, or the High Rank version. Depending on which one you choose, there are slightly different methods to getting the material to drop:

  • Nargacuga – Low Rank (Marrow Drop Rates)
    • Target (x1 piece) – 7% chance
      • ‘Target’ refers to when the monster is the objective of a quest you embark on.
    • Capture (x1 piece) – 3% chance
    • Body Carves (x1 piece) – 7% chance
    • Tail Carves (x1 piece) – 12% chance
  • Nargacuga – High Rank (Marrow Drop Rates)
    • Capture (x1 piece) – 5% chance
    • Body Carves (x1 piece) – 9% chance
    • Tail Carves (x1 piece) – 13% chance
    • Items Obtained by Palico – 3% chance

Based on these factors, the easiest method is to continuously hunt the Low Rank version of Nargacuga, particularly because one way of getting the Marrow is via a Target Reward. For vanquishing Nargacuga as a quest objective, it has a chance to drop automatically at the end.

Not only that, Nargacuga is a monster known for being especially agile and difficult to hit, particularly when you fight its higher rank versions. Even if you have a high Hunter Rank and/or Master Rank, and have exceptional gear as well, you can still make the fight much easier and efficient by simply keeping it at Low Rank. This will allow you to farm multiple attempts for the Nargacuga Marrow fairly quickly, particularly if you need more than one piece. Eating the right Dango can also help improve your odds a bit.

Monster Hunter Rise how to get Nargacuga Marrow to drop
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Here are also a few tips regarding Nargacuga’s moveset and weaknesses:

  • Nargacuga likes to constantly reposition itself rather than stay still in order to flank its target(s), at times from off-screen. Matching its agility is key to not getting constantly ambushed.
  • Its attacks range from swift pounces and lunges, to both physical and ranged attacks with its powerful tail.
  • Nargacuga’s elemental weaknesses include Thunder and Fire. Meanwhile, it’s resistant to Water, Ice, and Dragon-elemental attacks.

What Nargacuga Marrow is Used For in MHR

Monster Hunter Rise what is the Nargacuga Marrow used for
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Once you have enough Nargacuga Marrow in your inventory to make use of, these are the armor and weapon items, all from the Nargacuga Tree, that you can make with it:

  • Nargacuga Braces (Low Rank Armor Set)
  • Hidden Axe II
  • Hidden Breaker II
  • Hidden Gemini II
  • Hidden Gunlance II
  • Hidden Harmonic II
  • Hidden Sycthe II
  • Hidden Arsenal II
  • Hidden Bow II
  • Hidden Eye II
  • Hidden Saber II
  • Hidden Blade II
  • Hidden Edge II
  • Hidden Gambit II
  • Hidden Stinger II

You can also use the Marrow to make the Carrozza Bazooka II weapon, from the Mosgharl Tree.

That concludes our guide for how to get Nargacuga Marrow in Monster Hunter Rise. We hope you find this helpful in your monster hunting endeavors, and let us know which strategy worked best for you in getting this item.

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