Can you Get Married in Cult of the Lamb Answered

How to Get Married in Cult of the Lamb

Taking on the world together.

Starting something is always hard, and when it is a cult we are talking about, the more hands you have, the better. That is most definitely true in Cult of the Lamb, as spreading the word of the one true cult can be a hard task to accomplish. However, you can always join hands with partners to lighten your load. For those wondering if you can get married in Cult of the Lamb, read on.

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How to Get Marry Followers in Cult of the Lamb

cult of the lamb marriage

You most certainly can get bonded in matrimony in the world of Cult of the Lamb, but there are certain requirements to hit first. In order to proceed to this stage, you must unlock and follow the Law and Order section of the Doctrines.

Once you reach the juncture and have to make a choice between murdering or marrying cultists for the second portion of the doctrine, choose the latter. This will you to perform a Ritual at your temple so that you can marry one of your followers, gaining 30 faith as a result. To do this, you’ll need to collect at least 75 bones, which can be found by defeating enemies while on crusades.

Marrying Multiple Spouses

There is also the option to marry multiple people in your cult for a boost in faith. Just be wary that this could cause your spouses to become jealous of one another and cause things to go the other way and lower faith instead You have been warned.

Now that you know everything there is to know about getting married in Cult of the Lamb, the choice is yours to be made. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our other guides on how to increase Follower loyalty, how to play Knucklebones, or how to read minds. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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