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How to Get Beast Sorcerer in Anime Defenders

Become a master of beasts and rain AOE destruction.

If you’re wondering how to get the Beast Sorcerer unit in Roblox’s Anime Defenders, don’t fret. We go into what you need to know below. The Beast Sorcerer is a fantastic Mythic unit based on Megumi Fushiguro from the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. He’s a solid support unit that can hold its own with powerful AOE attacks. Read on for details on how to get the Beast Sorcerer in Anime Defenders.

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How to Unlock Beast Sorcerer in Anime Defenders

You can only unlock the Beast Sorcerer in Anime Defenders by using the summoning system or through trading. As a Mythic unit, the Beast Sorcerer is one of the rarest summonable units in the game. If you want to get your hands on this prolific unit, you only have a mere less than 1% chance of seeing it drop on a given roll.

If you want to try your luck, head over to the summons area in the northeast area of the hub world in Anime Defenders. To significantly increase your chances of getting the Beast Sorcerer, you should rely on the Mythic Pity system. In the Summons menu, you will see the Mythic Pity bar fill up with each pull attempt. After 400 summons, you will get the banner Mythic. Save this for when you see that the Beast Sorcerer is available on the banner, and if you do it correctly, will be able to pull a Beast Sorcecer unit!

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How to Evolve Beast Sorcer in Anime Defenders

The Beast Sorcerer can be evolved into the Monster Sorcerer unit by crafting one Spirit Pendant. Here’s what you need to craft one Spirit Pendant:

  • 34 Yellow Stars
  • 8 Red Stars
  • 7 Purple Stars
  • 6 Green Stars
  • 2 Dark Stars
  • 1 Rainbow Stars
  • 35,000 Gold

After crafting the Spirit Pendant, take it to the Evolve Station and use it to evolve the Beast Sorcerer into the Monster Sorcerer. It’s a big upgrade from the Beast Sorcerer and you’ll find this unit can hold its own very effectively out on the battlefield.

That’s it for how to get the Beast Sorcerer in Anime Defenders. For similar content to this, be sure to check out our list of Anime Defenders Codes and how to get and evolve the Elf Wizardess for more Mythic units.

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