How to Get 3 Stars on Tutorial for a Special Character Skin in Party Animals

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Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

Party Animals has proven to be one of the silliest, cutest, and most fun online brawlers to date, and one of its biggest draws is, of course, the various cosmetic items that you can dress all the adorable animal characters up with. There are different ways to unlock them all, including ones you wouldn’t necessarily expect, such as getting that elusive 3-Star rating on the game’s Tutorial Mode. If you’re wondering how to go about it, here is our handy little guide for how to get 3 Stars on the Tutorial for a special character skin in Party Animals.

How to Complete the Tutorial & Qualify for a 3-Star Rating in Party Animals

Party Animals how to get a three star rating in the tutorial
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

You can access the Tutorial Mode at any time from the game’s Main Menu (right below ‘Custom Match’), whether you need a refresher on abilities or in this case if you’re wanting the secret prize that comes with that mysterious 3-star rating.

As soon as you drop into the tutorial gauntlet as Nemo, immediately start running to your right to clear the sequence of obstacles before you. Dash and pivot through the rope barricades, though you can actually clear them a little quicker by just dash jumping over them. Then clear the big gap in the next room with another well-timed dash jump and make your way to the next two rooms with the green cubes.

The tutorial suggests placing said cubes on the press-down platforms in the bottom right corner of each room. Luckily, you actually don’t need to do that at all. Just have Nemo stand on each platform until the door opens, and then dash through.

Next is the room with the punching bag and the Lollipop weapon. Follow the instructions to land all the punches, headbutts, and finally a drop kick. Then go for the Lollipop and make sure to pick it up properly with both hands as quickly as possible and hurl two whacks at the punching bag. This will clear you to the next room.

Party Animals how to use the punching bag in the tutorial
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

Climb the rope wall as quickly as you can to advance further on to the spinning mechanism that requires you to perform a well-timed dodge roll. If you happen to get knocked off down below, there is a ramp for you to get back up, but it may cost you valuable time.

Once you’re through, the last obstacle is the ring fight with Coco the Crocodile. Simply knock him out with a charged punch or headbutt, whichever you’re better with, and throw him out of the ring. Then jump out and run to the finish line.

To get 3 stars, you need to finish the entire tutorial in 2 minutes or less. It may take a few tries to pull it off, and be sure not to get too anxious during your attempt, as it can cause an unintended mistake or two. With a good dose of confidence in your party brawl skills, you’ll have this cleared in no time.

Party Animals how to get the Golden Bacon skin
Image Source: Recreate Games via Twinfinite

Once you’ve succeeded, you’ll get the Nemo For Speed Achievement along with the Golden Bacon Skin for your collection.

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